Criminal Law & Human Rights


Expectedly, the growing insecurity level worldwide requires a firm with a solid understanding, experience and attitude toward criminal law. As a Criminal Law Firm, our teams provide technical support from arrest to bail to prosecution and appeal. We represent clients across superior courts advancing criminal law. Aside from representing defendants, we also prosecute defendants, provide technical support to prosecutors, and train prosecutors. Over the years, we have supported the training of prosecutors of the Anti-Corruption Agencies in Nigeria and several access to justice projects on prison decongestion and reforms on pre-trial. We presently provide several free legal representations in criminal cases across superior courts of records in Nigeria to indigent citizens. 


Since human rights make us human beings, we prioritise human rights in our firm. As a Human Right Law Firm, we have dedicated teams researching human rights, providing advisory services and representing clients in courts over human rights violations. We provide legal representation in human rights cases across superior courts of records in Nigeria to indigent citizens. We have worked closely with the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and several Not-For-Profit organisations in advancing and protecting human rights. 


Armed conflict seems far from ending, and Africa has its share of it. Hence, the rules of war must be pushed up to protect people who are not or are no longer participating in armed conflict and violence. We provide legal advice and legal representations in cases of international humanitarian law against war criminals and also defend suspects and defendants alike. As an International Humanitarian Law Firm, we research, collect evidence, prepare documentation and records for cases, and provide technical support to lawyers, institutions, authorities, and bodies related to international humanitarian law. We fight for victims. 


With a deep experience in conflict management and reliable networks with world-renowned negotiators and former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) negotiators, we offer high-level hostage negotiation services. As Hostage Negotiators, we offer high-level consultancy services in this area with local and foreign technical support.