We Congratulate SabiLaw on Its 800th Daily Law Tip.

Sabi Law Foundation Celebrates 800th Daily Law Tip!

Since November 2017, SabiLaw has consistently researched, published and promoted awareness on rights and laws in Nigeria, for free. It is her mission to increase access to justice in Nigeria. The gap in legal literacy and their passion for legal awareness prompted the free daily law tips. Over the days, weeks, months and years, it has consistently published daily law tips; from Tip 001, Tip 002 to Tip 799 and now Tip 800 on 31 May 2021.

As part of our social corporate responsibility, we have partnered and sponsored several projects of SabiLaw, including its free Daily Law Tips. It is an honour for us to be part of the history making achievements of SabiLaw in promoting legal awareness across the globe.


Tip 800 of the Daily Law Tips (#DailyLawTips) is titled; “11 States That Do Not Protect Children In Nigeria”.“11 States That Do Not Protect Children In Nigeria”. It reveals the 11 States in Nigeria that have failed and refused to protect the rights of children, by not having a Child’s Right Law. It further shows the harsh realities of the children living in the 11 Anti-Child Rights States in Nigeria. This work could not have come at a better time, since Nigeria celebrated its annual Children’s day on 27 May 2021 and more children are being lost to insecurity and lack of child rights laws, in the North West and North East of Nigeria.

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